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BallEnjoy™ – Bulle Magique d’été

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The magic bubble that drives kids and parents crazy! 

Don’t know how to occupy your children during the day? Or do you just want to keep your kids entertained for long hours?

Then this BallEnjoy ™ magic bubble is made for you!





Your children will play with this mysterious bubble for hours and hours .  
Perfect to be used  in the garden   but also indoors for fun in winter or during rainy days!    


Super strong   and totally indestructible , you don’t have to worry about it bursting. Jump, jump and play without moderation!   






This bubble is revolutionary ! Feel free to kick, punch, and jump on it without worrying about it getting pierced or torn .      


The bubble swings, rolls, floats, dribbles, spins and more! 
It can easily be deflated when you’re done playing for easy storage .  
playful giant balloon




The BallEnjoy ™ magic bubble is a giant bubble that allows your children to play until they are exhausted without it piercing or bursting .       

Indeed our screen is designed with materials that can withstand all tests . In addition, we have designed this magic bubble so that it is reusable for life  


giant magic bubble 

You can fill it with water or air without fear.    

 giant ball kid toy



  • Made with an incredibly strong and durable material (Xpandium)   
  • Air pump  included
  • Can be easily filled with water or air, can be reused continuously
  • Safe  for the environment
  • No BPA, No PVC, No Latex
  • For indescribable pleasure  !
  • Size: 100cm stretchy.


super resistant giant bubble




BallEnjoy ™ guarantees

  • 100% lab tested and high quality –  Odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. High quality!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed –  98% of our customers recommend this product (55,000 customers have trusted us) 





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